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Painless Patient Payments

Easy and Powerful Patient Financial Engagement Platform
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About Our Product

Increase your patient collections, reduce cost of patient collections and reduce your Patient AR!

Anodyne Patient E-Statement offers Paperless statements via email to your patients. This helps reduce costs and your green footprint. (Typical paper statements costs anywhere from $1 to $2 per statement depending on number of pages)

  • This is HIPPA compliant with 2 options (password protected pdf and, role based security for login)
  • You can send the statement via email or text
  • You have the option to use your own payment portal link or accept payment through Anodyne Patient Payment Portal**

Anodyne Patient Payment Reminders via Text, E-mail, Inbound IVR, Outbound IVR based payment processing solutions. Reduce cost of patient follow-up, balance collections making it easy and friction-less for your patients to pay with a click.

Anodyne Appointment Reminder automated text, calls & email with Copay & patient responsibility, previous balance details included.

Product Features

Data Integration

Enables import of patient financial data from provider systems.


Machine Learning and AI driven Chatbot to address customer/member queries. Will enables savings by eliminating manual processes and requirement for human customer service agents.

Rules Engine

Use inputs from the analytics module to develop and configure customized patient engagement workflows, Eg:- "How, when and how often to contact a patient".

Web/Mobile Interface

Supports Web & Mobile interface for the patient to view their financial and medical information including payment balances.


A predictive dialer is used to implement a customized patient outreach plan through an intelligent, pre-programmed call schedule leveraging the features detailed in Data integration & Rules Engine.

Patient Portal

Provide a secure way for the patient to log in and view information regarding payment balance. Provide payment options using multiple modes such as credit card, debit card, and ACH. Provide Options for creating customized payment plans.

Usecase-Patient Financial Engagement

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Frequently asked questions

How do I Set Delays (SMS, Email, IVR) for a Campaign?
  • After Selecting File to Import, Click on Continue to Go on Initiate tab.
  • Give a value in Mins to Set Delay Input Box.
How Do I Deselect Channels (SMS, Email, IVR) from being run in Campaign??
  • Import the file or Click on Run Campaign.
  • Switch off the channels from Select Channel Buttons.
What are the types of Campaign available?
  • Payment Reminder Campaign
  • Appointment Campaign
  • Patient Statement Campaign
How do I see Error Records while Importing Files for a Campaign?
  • After Importing File, if at all there is Error in importing, Press on Continue Button.
  • On Initiate Tab View, click on Error Records tab to view the Errors of your document Data.
Can I edit and send my own Email/SMS/IVR Template?
  • Select Edit Template Option for Setup Menu Bar and Select template of your choice.
  • You can view the original Template for Email, the look and feel with drag and drop texts.
Is it possible to Unsubscribe a channel for a patient and How do I Turn it off?
  • Yes, this is possible and following are the steps you need to follow.
  • Select View Patient Menu Option and then scroll right for Patient Consent option and then Deselect the channels.