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ABA Practice Management and Billing Software

Artemis makes it easy to manage your practice so you can focus on what really matter - your clients.

Artemis is your comprehensive Practice Management & Managed Billing solution for ABA Therapy. Built in the Salesforce Cloud, Artemis provides leading workflow automation using AI based technology.

ABA Theraphy Scheduler

ABA Therapy Scheduler

Powerful medical scheduling that is easy to use. Automated intake helps verify and validate information to help your office better manage exceptions and follow best practices.

Practice management

Practice Management

Comprehensive software from intake to billing and collections. Out leading EMR software is designed to run and grow your practice. Get paid faster and spend less time managing your office and more time with your clients.

Clinical Data Solutions

Clinical Data Collections

Improve clients outcomes and deliver superior care with comprehensive, easy to build and update intervention plans. Create custom plans, targets and behaviors across any development domain. Quickly collect data using our mobile solution.



We believe billing is one of the most important features and it is at the foundation of our EMR. Our goal is to automate the journey of every claim to travel the shortest path from a client session to a paid status.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive dashboard, KPI's, reports and alerts that drive your attention to key indicators. Workflow data designed to help you better manage your office. Custom dashboards, reports and alerts to meet your specific needs.

ABA Billing Software

ABA Billing Icon

ABA Billing Software

We are an ABA practice management software system that can deliver customizable solutions ensuring your practice gets paid on time and efficiently manages the bills.