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All in One Medical Billing Software for Your Practice

We are an ABA practice management software system that can deliver customizable solutions ensuring your practice gets paid on time and efficiently manages the bills.

We are AI-powered, cloud-based efficient HIPPA-compliant ABA medical billing software that can help in scheduling, data collection, practice management, and RCM for ABA practices and hospitals. We have developed the most secured software to help you maximize your revenue and get paid faster.

Seamless Medical Billing ABA Software for Inclined Business Growth

AI-driven Scheduling

We offer a simple way to schedule client appointments so that ABA providers spend more time caring for their patients and less time managing their practice. Our ABA practice management software improves your professional care. It makes your revenue predictable so that you can decide the future processes and take the necessary steps to reach the desired business goals.

Practice Management

We have developed a unique ABA Practice Management & Billing Software for all providers. Artemis removes all the time-consuming, manual, repetitive tasks to enhance operational productivity. Businesses produce maximum data for comprehensive analytics and reporting using Artemis. We minimize staff and space using cloud technology and allow remote access to all records to enhance flexibility.

Artemis Billing

We create the shortest path for your ABA claim to travel from appointment to payment. We use integrated technology in ABA Practice Management & Billing Software to integrate Artemis with each software update and release. We make sure the claim gets paid on time, and the cash flow in the business is constantly growing. We use machine learning and automated workflow in our ABA Billing Software to eliminate denials and provide affordable & reliable billing.

Grow Your Practice with Artemis EMR and ABA Practice Management Software

Transform your ABA therapy space with automation, AI-based technology, and salesforce cloud. Let us focus on automated authorization and eligibility checks, a simplified client intake process, real-time claim status check, analytics-based AR flow, and more for your ABA practice.