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The Artemis AI driven scheduling technology will

Care starts here. A professional practice runs on schedule

With Artemis advanced scheduling you are connected to your practice in a meaningful way. Our scheduling system is designed to streamline your workflow using our AI driven technology to help you run and grow your practice.

Simplified booking, the Artemis system will check and verify a lot.

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The Artemis unified dashboard is fully integrated throughout the entire workflow. This keeps providers, staff, and all team members aligned and focused on your clients. Review combined schedules or drilldown to the appointment details on the same screen. Artemis makes it easy to ensure all providers are matched with the correct clients every time.

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Reduce time searching and entering information. Our advanced features include recurring and nonbillable appointments, multi-staff availability views, and bypassing service days or overlapping appointments not allowed by the funding source. Automatic availability, qualification and preference verification ensures that the right therapist is scheduled for every appointment.