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Accounts Receivable Medical Billing

by Plutus Health

Accounts receivable medical billing

One of the biggest challenges healthcare and medical facilities face is maintaining a healthy cash flow. It can be challenging to keep up because of ever-changing medicalbilling regulations. On top of this, your practice needs to stay up to date with medical coding while managing increasing operating costs and the increasing number of high-deductible health plans. Managing accounts receivables has become more complex than ever.

What Plutus Health does differently for AR Management?

  • Aggressive follow-ups with Insurance Companies – Our expert medical billing team aggressively pursues all unpaid insurance claims. ERAs/EOBs and claims are assessed, prioritized, and handled on a claim-by-claim basis. Regular follow-ups with insurance companies done based on each Payer’s payment cycle.
  • Claim status check bots – Plutus Health’s proprietary Claim Status check bots leverage automation to make the claim status check process efficient and error-free. Our bots also provide the team with a faster turnaround time for claim status retrieval.
  • Work Closely with Payment Posting and Denial Management Team –AR team works closely with Payment posting and denial management teams to resolve underpayments and outright denials.

Most Common Reasons For High AR

The first step in managing and improving your practice’s AR medical billing is identifying  its most common AR issues, which may include:

  • Insurance companies and patients are not paying the money they owe
  • An outstanding patient bill that’s worth less than half the original value
  • Unwarranted write-offs,
  • Insurance claim denial
  • Collection culture
  • Bad debts

Once you’ve identified problems in your AR, consider using Plutus Health's accounts receivable medical billing services. It can make it easier to improve your AR and prevent medical billing denials because it allows your team to:

  • Ensure transparency and up-to-date information and knowledge on denials
  • Code every claim according to the requirements
  • Transmit claims appropriately and on a timely basis
  • Scrutinize to find missing or incorrect information

Why Outsource AR services?

You’re busy running your practice and caring for your patients. That’s why it’s wiser to outsource AR services to companies like Plutus Health. Partnering with the correct AR services provider will provide excellent AR and denial management processes and systems to your practice and improve collections to keep your cash flow healthy.

Our Success Stories

  1. Plutus Health Significantly Improved AR of a Cardiology Practice within 120 days
  2. Plutus Health helped established ASC to generate revenue from 270+ AR bucket
  3. Plutus Health's optimized RCM process helped an ABA Therapy Center increase overall cash flow by 23.3%

Ready to take the next steps?

Plutus Health offers innovative solutions to simplify AR in medical billing for your practice. Our efficient and experienced AR team applies enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA (remote processing automation) to ensure compliance with billing and\coding guidelines. You can maintain a healthy cash flow with our services while providing compliant and correct documentation.