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Get A Free Revenue Cycle Management Assessment

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Patient registration is the first and most important step in medical billing. It determines the smoothness and ease of claim processing. Correct patient registration and patient demographic entry are the key deciders on whether the claim will get through the first submission or will get denied.

It is the responsibility of the front office of the practice to  capture patient demographics using the system or paper-based registration.

Proper patient registration is essential to establish patients’ benefits and eligibility, submit an error-free claim, and obtain prior authorization.

Patient Registration Process

At Plutus Health Inc., we have expertly trained staff with a detailed understanding of the medical billing and are expert in automation-enabled revenue cycle management process. We validate all the information given by the patient through our automated eligibility verification software before submitting the claim. Our team is in regular touch with the payers, and we quickly update the data in case of any missing information or discrepancy.

We review and upload the following data on the provider management system:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical Information
  • Healthcare Insurance Information
  • Payment Information

Results of Improper Patient Registration

  • Increased Denials
  • Delay Payment
  • Inaccurate Patient Analysis

Plutus Health Inc. Patient Registration Service

Enter Patient Information

We enter the patient information accurately and perform a re-check before submission.

Capture Insurance Information

Once the patient details get entered, we capture insurance information and check for its eligibility and benefits using our automated eligibility verification software.

Medical Documentation

We collect medical documentation and check for medication, allergies, need for special assistance, etc.

Contact Payers

We finally review the payer information and submit clean information for quick payments.

Benefits Offered by Plutus Health Inc.

Correct patient information is a blessing for providers as it generates timely reimbursement and reduces A/R. We use automated medical records upload software to input accurate patient information. Our team is excellently trained for error spotting and rectifying, and we work closely with practices to provide them with the following benefits:

  • Reduced Operation Cost
  • Improved Accuracy and Productivity
  • Improved Clean Claim Submission
  • Reduced Denials
  • Reduced A/R

Plutus Health Inc. ensures you get your money quickly, and no claims get denied due to improper patient registration or demographic entry.

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