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Case Studies

Our clients have seen exceptional growth in their reimbursement and collections. Read the case studies to know we helped them to streamline their processes.

Coding Quality of Nephrology Practice Reached 98%

Plutus Health Inc. gave education & feedback to physicians, streamlined coding practices, and provided documentation guidelines to improve coding accuracy. We enhanced the coding quality and lowered the errors.

ABA Practice Reduced its 90+AR below 5% Within 3 Months

Reduced the 90+ AR below 5% within just three months and more...

Freestanding Emergency Room Facility Increased its Collection by 150%

Client's overall collection increased from $4 million to $10 million per month in just three years and more...

An Urgent Care Center Decreased its Denied Claims from 20% to 1% in Just 6 Months

We brought down Average Monthly claim Denials from 20% to 1% in 6 months and more...

Generating Revenue from 270+ AR for an ASC

Learn how Plutus Health helped established ASC to generate revenue from 270+ AR bucket

Significantly improved AR of a cardiology practice within 120 days

Learn how Plutus Health helped improve AR of a cardiology practice by 72% within 120 days

Discover How This Medical Lab Collected $1282 Per Claim

Learn how Plutus Health was able to solve problems and secure an increase of 58% in claims collections for our client.

Urgent Care Increases Collections Percentage From 80% to 95% in Just 6 Months

Discover how our Urgent Care client increased overall collections in just 6 months.

ABA therapy center reduces 90+ days in AR by 33.2%

Read about Plutus Health's optimized RCM process that helped this ABA Therapy Center increase overall cash flow by 23.3%.