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The processing speed of medical claims is a vital factor in the medical billing practice. Everyone wants that their claim goes through the first time. If the claim is processed faster, it saves patients, providers, and payers time, effort, and frustration. Claim scrubbing and submission are the two strong pillars of the medical billing process; approval or denial of the claim depends on these.

Plutus Health provides the best healthcare AI-enabled RCM services and ensures a high clean claim percentage with minimum conversion time. We know that a proper claim gets submitted only after a thorough scrubbing. With our precise claim submission and scrubbing, we try that every claim submitted by Plutus Health Inc. gets approved on the first go and the clients get maximum reimbursement. We also reduce the AR by enabling faster payments.

Claim Scrubbing

Claim scrubbing ensures that there is no mistake in the claim that would leverage the payers to reject it, and hence we use automated claim status check software to keep track of your claim.

Claim Submission

Claim submission is finding the amount of money the providers will receive from the payers. Hence, we use machine-enabled billing services to know the exact amount that the payers would approve.

Importance of Claim Scrubbing and Submission

Claim scrubbing and submission are crucial as they save a lot of money and time. While scrubbing, many pieces of data like patient and providers, insurer, medical necessity, process followed by medical professional like diagnoses and treatment go through deep analysis and review. All the errors found get fixed before the submission.

Almost every misinformation or mistake on the claim can cause the payers to reject it. Even the errors like misspelled names or wrong birth dates will cause the claim denial.

We Use the Following Steps to Guarantee Maximum Conversion with Minimum Denials:

Updated Patient Records

Patient demographic information is the heart of the claim. We maintain accurate patient data and ensure that updated patient data reaches the payers during claim submission. We have automated medical records upload for faster results.

Eligibility Verification

We use an automated eligibility verification process to verify the patient's eligibility before submission thoroughly.

Updated Medical Coding

We have automated coding software for effort-free coding. We also know the latest medical coding compliance and work with the same.

Double Quality Check

We have a thorough quality check on the claim for coding errors and clean submission.

At Plutus Health Inc.. all the errors in the claim get rectified before submission and checked with an automated claim status verification algorithm. We are the mediator between providers and insurance companies, making the billing process smoother. We ensure medical professionals do not need to bother about the technicality of the billing process and can spend more time giving a better treatment and experience to the patients.

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