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Generating Revenue from 270+ AR for an ASC

Learn how Plutus Health helped established ASC to generate revenue from 270+ AR bucket

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by Plutus Health

January 17, 2022

Top 4 Ways Fintech is Enhancing Healthcare

Are you struggling with your patient/provider relationship? Do you wonder how to streamline administration? Learn the top ways fintech is enhancing healthcare.

January 12, 2022

5 Things to Check Before Submitting an ASC Claim

ASC Claims are a primary source of revenue for most ASCs. Denied claims lead to delayed payments and loss of income. Therefore, before submitting ASC claims, they should be screened to check for errors that may delay processing. This article lists five things to check before submitting an ASC claim to a payer.

December 20, 2021

Medical Billing For ASC: Challenges and Tips

Medical billing for Ambulatory Surgery Centers comes with challenges that are important to understand. Learn the top medical billing tips for your ASC.

December 20, 2021

ABA Session Notes: Tips for Success

Following specific ABA session note strategies will help you grow in your ABA practice. Learn the best tips to write effective ABA session notes here.

December 15, 2021

Top 5 Denials in ABA Billing and How to Fix Them

Is your ABA practice getting claim denials? Are you questioning how to improve your acceptance rate? Learn the most common claim denials and how to fix them.

December 14, 2021

RCM Process Improvement in ASC

Is your ASC trying to improve its revenue cycle management? Do you need to reduce claim denials? Learn how to boost the RCM process for your ASC today.

December 6, 2021

Learn To Avoid Credentialing Related Denials With These Easy Steps

Is your practice experiencing increased claim denials? Do you think poor credentialing is to blame? Learn how to avoid credentialing-related denials.

December 6, 2021

Unwrap Top Strategies To Simplify Insurance Discovery

Is your practice failing to win insurance claims? Are your patients’ consistently defaulting? Learn crucial healthcare insurance tips, today.

November 24, 2021

Four Solutions to Maximize Learner Engagement and Reimbursements for ABAs

Practitioners must learn to adapt to an increasingly telehealth-focused world. It’s essential to have processes and procedures on the backend flowing seamlessly so that you can focus on maximizing learner engagement for the best possible outcome. Here are four solutions to improve learner engagement and maximize ABA revenue cycle management.

November 12, 2021

Top 5 Challenges Facing ABAs Today

Applied behavioral analysis is a big benefit for many. But it also comes with its own challenges. Learn the top 5 problems facing ABA today!

November 10, 2021

How Technology Turns the Tide on Uncompensated Care

Are your patients struggling to pay their bills? Learn how healthcare technology can greatly improve your revenue cycle management, today.

November 2, 2021

5 Strategies to Maximize Patient Engagement and Reimbursements for ASCs

Is your ASC struggling with patient engagement? Do you find your reimbursement figures slipping? Learn how you can improve these factors, today.

November 2, 2021

How to Maintain Anesthesia Revenue for Your ASCs

Is your ASC struggling to legally access revenue from anesthesia providers? Understand relevant laws and regulations. Learn how to maintain your practice’s anesthesia revenue.

October 11, 2021

4 Tips to Improve Clinical Documentation for ASCs

As Payers continue to raise their expectations for complete and accurate data, they’re finding that many clinicians have yet to meet those expectations.

October 7, 2021

4 Tips to Improve Clinical Documentation for ABA Clinics

Have failures in documentation of behavioral disorders affected your practice? Learn 4 tips to improve clinical documentation for ABAs today

September 29, 2021

Top 4 Challenges Facing ASCs Today

Modern medical coverage incentivizes patients to find the cheapest and best options available.

September 13, 2021

Top 6 Medical Billing Challenges Facing Providers Today

Medical billing can be demanding and time consuming, often resulting in roadblocks

January 5, 2021

Practice Management Software : Enabling Digitization of ABA Practices

November 17, 2020

Create an Efficient ABA Practice

November 6, 2020

Best Ways To Improve Medical Billing

May 8, 2020

Anodyne - Speed up collection of patient balances with electronic Patient Statements and Reminders

April 2, 2020

Telehealth Billing & Coding guidelines

April 1, 2020

Telehealth : Broadening the Reach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in Unprecedented Ways

February 25, 2020

RPA in Finance

January 8, 2020

Credit Balance Resolution

December 28, 2019

Importance of Prior Authorization In Billing For ABA Providers

December 27, 2019

On-Time Posting Of Payments For ABA Providers

December 27, 2019

Successful Management of Denials in an ABA Setting

Denials management in ABA is crucial to healthcare organizations; it will ensure better cash flow and ensure best practices as well. A good understanding of ABA denials process and a well thought out plan and integrating the power of RPA and data analytics in the RCM module will ensure better handling of the denials process.

December 17, 2019

RPA Bots in Revenue Cycle Management

August 15, 2019

Successful Medical Billing Charge Entry

Boost your practice’s revenue faster than ever with these proven steps for successful medical billing charge entry

August 15, 2019

Medical Billing Payment Posting 101

Discover ways to increase your healthcare organization’s revenue with proven tips on payment posting

August 15, 2019

Physician Credentialing Tips For Success

Discover the tips that successful firms use when completing the applications for physician credentialing.

May 14, 2019

The Top 5 Revenue Cycle Management Key Point Indicators You Need To Track For Success

A solid revenue cycle management (RCM) strategy must track certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to understand patterns and optimize processes.

May 14, 2019

The Top 5 Strategies To Prevent Denials

When you consider that up to 90% of denied claims are easily avoidable, it makes you wonder how many hours or dollars you could have saved.

May 14, 2019

The Surprising Benefits of Robotic Processing Automation in Healthcare RCM

A simple addition to your revenue cycle management strategy could increase your revenue and clean claims percentage while decreasing your overhead costs.