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Streamline Your Provider Enrollment Process

From application completion to ongoing maintenance - trust our expert team to handle your healthcare credentialing needs

License maintenance

Payer Submission

Ensure Enrollment

Demographic Updates

Plutus Health provides exceptional medical provider credentialing services for your streamlined growth

The credentialing process is all about speed and accuracy. Plutus Health’s medical credentialing experts are well-known for their in-depth knowledge and experience. We have helped thousands of healthcare providers get credentialed; almost the same number is under process.



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Ensure high availability of your services

Effective credentialing and enrollment services to enhance the performance of your practice

Plutus Health is an in-network provider with all the possible payers and plans. Most of our clients got credentialed in less than three months. Our experts have been providing exceptional physician credentialing solutions and support to individual healthcare providers and groups for 15+ years. We actively participate in the entire credentialing process and stay connected with you before, during, and after you get credentialed.

We preserve the documents of the providers and practices with integrity in our advanced credentialing tool and keep it transparent with our clients to see the status of their applications. We work with the majority of the payers regularly and have a strong relationship with the insurance representatives. We also have strong communication lines with the payers. Our experts involved in credentialing always ensure that there are no gaps in filing and submitting the application on time. We do the below Enrollments as well along with credentialing.

Healthcare credentialing services offered by Plutus Health

Plutus Health is one of the best medical credentialing companies in the US. Our team knows all the processes and documents involved in credentialing and can get you on the payers list as soon as possible. Below is the type of work managed in credentialing for all providers in all states:

Our team will submit the Provider Onboarding Form using the group information and update the Provider Roster who needs to be affiliated with the group Tax ID and Billing NPI with supporting documents requested by the payer to get enrolled in their network.

Plutus Health submits the initial credentialing process to the payer to get the provider credentialed and contracted with the payer network. We also support submitting a request to link the providers under the respective group.

We create a CAQH provider profile to verify the provider's Demographic, Education, Work History, and malpractice information for initial credentialing and re-credentialing with payers.

Our credentialing experts will keep maintaining the provider data and help with the application process by authorizing access to data and uploading the necessary documents.

We will work on any changes in practitioner demographic information with payers.

Plutus Health will process your credentialing application with most of the payers and clearing house to submit and receive the claims electronically.

We will notify the provider before the license expires & we will work on behalf of the provider to renew the license.

Group credentialing
Provider credentialing
Creating CAQH profile
Provider CAQH maintenance
Demographic updates
EDI/ERA/EFT enrollment
License maintenance

Top 5 steps involved in our medical billing credentialing services:


Plutus Health has a robust credentialing checklist. We gather all the information from the practice as per our checklists

Source validation

Once the checklist is received, we verify practitioner/facility information using our automated eligibility verification software

CAQH maintenance

Medical credentialing experts from the Plutus Health team ensure all the required information and documents get uploaded to the CAQH profile

Top payers

Identify top payers in the given state and apply in the payer-specific format

Follow-up with payers

Timely follow-up on submitted application requests

The medical credentialing tool used by Plutus Health

Our tool streamlining your credentialing process

Plutus Health will do all credentialing activities in one tool and track submitted applications for all work types. One glance at our credentialing management dashboard helps understand the status of the applications submitted. Our credentialing expertise will help you along every step of the way. Using our tool, we can expedite and efficiently carry out complete applications, subsequent follow-ups, renewals (Re-credentialing), and generate reports based on the need.

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Enrollment and credentialing

services offered by


Medicare & Medicaid enrollment

Commercial payer enrollment

EDI/ERA & EFT enrollments

Creating and Maintenance of CAQH

Why is Credentialing important?

Here is what happens if you do not get credentialed. Watch out for a short video on how credentialing can give you an upper edge

Credentialing can prevent you from losing $40k every month

Connect with credentialing experts

Benefits of provider credentialing and enrollment services

  • Keep your data up-to-date with payers

  • Process faster payments from insurance and get more patient referrals

  • Build relationships with different payers

  • Receive real-time status of credentialing and enrollment transactions

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What our clients are saying about us?

We thank the Plutus Health team for assisting us with our address credentialing project. They are highly experienced, responsive, attentive, and proactive in resolving our concerns. Plutus Health's physician credentialing solution helped us to reach our growth goals. We evolved significantly with Plutus Health’s assistance

Tommy Lister (Technical Manager)



Achieve seamless affiliation of provider and payer through the use of our expert medical

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