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plutusgiving - Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

For young adults with ASD who are motivated to live independently in the near future, 29 Acres offers a two-year residential transition academy. The three major components of this program include living in our transitional housing, learning crucial independent living and career readiness skills through our proven curriculum, and gaining work experience through internships and jobs.

Our transitional housing serves as students’ first independent home. Students spend their first year at the recently opened 29 Acres Living Community and move out to our rental homes in the Paloma Creek community their second year. Individual mentoring and support are provided allowing them to broaden their life skills by applying what they learn in the classroom environment. This highly structured and supported environment will enables students to build confidence by strengthening their life and work skills before transitioning to a more independent living option at the completion of the 2-yr. program.

T.R. Hoover Community Development

T.R. Hoover’s mission is to strengthen, empower, and provide holistic, collaborative services that impact the South Dallas community through affordable housing, economic, and community development. We advocate and address the issues of poverty, economic divestment, blight, infrastructure decline, neighborhood safety, and the rising levels of unemployment.

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In the late 80s, we began as a grassroots neighborhood association that later became recognized as the Ideal Neighborhood Association, composed of low income families seeking to reverse the negative trends developing within their community. In 1997, a small group from the association went on to form T. R. Hoover Community Development Corporation (TRHCDC), and received its 501(c)(3) and began identifying and addressing the issues of economic divestment, blight, infrastructure decline, neighbourhood safety and the rising levels of unemployment within the South Dallas Community.

TRHCDC began work with its residents to help shape the life of its community. Through hard work and great support from its residents, the results led to the construction of the TRHCDC Multipurpose Center, the building of 55 new single infill homes. Currently, TR Hoover CDC serves children, adults, and seniors in the South Dallas area through programs like after school and summer care, seniors helping seniors, referral services for those in need of housing and food, licensed counseling, donation giveaway tables, ESL training, and seasonal programs.

Our Partnership with the State Fair of Texas

Register Now: Kids College After school Program at T.R. Hoover

Register your child now to participate in our STEAM-based afterschool program! The program will be held from 3:00-5:00 pm, Monday - Thursday. A hot meals to-go will be provided. Masks are required for participation. Due to our social-distancing efforts, limited space is available.

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The 29 Acres

The 29 Acres housing development is a safe and dynamic supported living community where adults with Autism (ASD) and other neuro-diversities will live and be supported enabling them to build relationships, feel value, success and happiness in their lives.

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29 Acres will offer a system of supports and programming across the spectrum. All support services  will be customized, evidence-based and take place in all communities allowing for success, personal growth and greater independence.


The supported living community at 29 Acres is most like a co-housing model encouraging communal living. Take the step towards independence and live the adult life you design.


We support the following non profit organizations in Dallas.

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