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ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services

Plutus Health is a leading ABA Billing services company offering complete end-to-end RCM solutions for ABA Centers and Providers.

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Are billing errors causing major interruptions in your ability to provide the best care for your clients? Reduce delays and claim denials with complete applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy billing and insurance services from Plutus Health Inc.

Our professional ABA coding team keeps up with the latest developments in ABA therapy billing codes, modifiers, coverage, and regulations. You can count on our streamlined ABA therapy billing services to tackle challenges holding you back from optimizing collections.

Let Our Dedicated Team of Eligibility, Billing, Payments, AR/Denials Experts Help You

  • Decrease your rate of denials
  • Decrease your rate of rejections
  • Improve your falling cash flow
  • Improve your coding errors with correct modifiers and times
  • Improve your pre-authorization and eligibility processes

Why ABA Providers Love Us

The Plutus Health Inc. team specializes in generating reliable accurate electronic claims efficiently, tracking their status, posting adjustments and payments, and much more. We catch and correct denials quickly to prevent loss of revenue.

We are trained to use have experience in a wide range of ABA practice management software including Artemis ABA, Central Reach, NPA Works (CodeMetro), Accupoint and WebABA. We also use Total ABA, Practicesuite, and Rethink ABA billing software.

  • We Understand Current ABA Billing Changes
    • With over 50 ABA billing experts on staff, our team has implemented changes related to the eight new Category I codes and two revised Category III codes for billing ABA therapy services.
  • We’ve Simplified ABA Denial Management
    • When claim denials or rejections occur, we deploy a rigorous Denials Management strategy for each client. We gain insight as to why the claim was denied, and we work immediately to correct the issue and prevent the denial from reappearing in the future.
  • We Understand Medicaid ABA Billing
    • For many providers, billing ABA services through Medicaid is a constant challenge. With thousands of ABA-specific claims submitted successfully to Medicaid, our team knows the intricacies of billing these mandated services and how to maximize reimbursement for our providers.

End-To-End RCM Services We Offer ABA Therapy Centers
  • Payer Contract Management
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Clean Claims
  • AR Management
  • Denial Management
  • AR Clean Up
  • Payment Posting
  • Automated Patient Statements

Why  ABA is  Billing different?

Most traditional RCM companies cannot handle billing for ABA in an effective way even if they have been in business for many years.  Insurance Billing for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is not as easy as it sounds or looks.  Though the number of Codes to be tracked are limited especially after the 9-series codes were adopted in Jan 2020, it remains a bigger challenge in Billing because of the POS and Modifier variations based on Plans, State and Provider Credentials as also the Telehealth related guidelines after the pandemic.  Then there are Medicaid or  Early Intervention Programs (EIP) billing in each state that have different portals or protocols!

Most ABA providers do not approach a third-party specialist billing company, till they are financially hurting to the extent that their very existence is being challenged!  While we understand that your clients come first, the billing and revenue piece is as important to sustain your practice to keep serving larger groups of such kids with ‘special needs’.  Pls. do not wait to reach that difficult stage of ‘bringing back your business from the brink’!  Get in touch with Plutus Health at the earliest, to understand the differences we bring to the table to handle the financial aspects of your ABA practice.

Improve your revenue cycle and boost your bottom line with our ABA therapy billing services. We combine ABA practice management software and human expertise to optimize the financial viability of your practice. Talk to our experts today.

Find Out How Much Money Your ABA Agency Is Leaving On The Table.

Contact Us Now For Your Free Revenue Health Analysis!

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Case Studies

ABA Billing on any software

Plutus Health Inc. has provided ABA-specific billing services for more than five years. We work with a multitude of organization types – BCBA owned practices/partnerships with one or more locations, PE-backed multi-state and multi-location kind of operations, Not-for-profit organizations providing advocacy and ABA services, etc. Plutus Health has both the depth of expertise in handling ABA billing on multiple ABA Practice Management software platforms like Central Reach, Artemis ABA, Total ABA, NPA Works, Acupoint, Practicesuite, Rethink*, etc. ( *all names and trademarks belong to respective companies)

The Plutus Health ABA Billing Approach

A few differentiators on how we handle the billing for ABA providers include extensive pre-billing audits to reduce the Denials, constantly monitoring your payments vs. Contract to make sure that there are no under-payments, handling AR on priority and Denials within 72 hours, etc.  Our assurance is also that all billing will be done within 48 hours based on your billing cycle – whether weekly, bi-weekly, or daily!

ABA Billing on any software

Our ABA billing experts have both the depth of knowledge in the billing process and the extent of experience to advise practices on how to handle certain persistent denials from one payer!  Plutus Health also can scale with your organization’s growth plans and extensively uses Bot technology to automate certain processes to reduce errors, increase efficacy and overall deliver a better outcome for our ABA customers.

Insurance Payer Audits in ABA

Another area that is seldom addressed are the Payer audits.  A lot of the Payers have now initiated processes to start auditing the ABA services though there is a Prior-Authorization for most of these services. Plutus Health’s ABA billing services make sure that you have nothing to worry, even if audited as our Billing is fully compliant with both the existing rules for ABA and also HIPAA.

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*We Value Your Privacy.
*We Value Your Privacy.
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