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Get A Free Revenue Cycle Management Assessment

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While processing the claim, it is essential to correctly enter every piece of patient and provider data. Providers need specialists to handle this kind of RCM process. Plutus Health Inc. is a one-stop solution for all tech-enabled RCM services. We know that Charge entry is a crucial process in the medical billing cycle. Every piece of the data entered in this process should be accurate as a slight error in the entry could lead to denial. We have a team of professionals with enormous medical billing knowledge to provide you with perfect charge entry. We carefully work on your charges to ensure minimum denials.

Importance of Charge Entry

Each patient account created should be assigned with the correct monitory value according to the coding, even the reimbursement of services given by the provider to the patient depends on the proper charge entry. Hence we use automated coding techniques to avoid errors.

Impact of Improper Charge Entry

  • Patients: It may lead to delay care and unexpected billing.
  • Providers: It may lead to insufficient and delayed payments.

Steps followed by Plutus Health Inc. in Charge Entry

Document Intake

We use automated medical records upload facility to collect  and upload all relevant documents like charge sheets, medical Records, superbills., etc, on a secured cloud.

Entering Patient Details

We enter the patient’s demographic and billing reference data.


In the case of incorrect or partial information, Plutus Health Inc.’s automated patient billing software connects with the billing manager via text, email, or IVR to collect the required information.

Claim Recovery

In case of denial, Plutus Health’s denial management team conducts a detailed analysis on the reason for claim rejection and makes necessary corrections.

Client Feedback

We constantly take the feedback from the clients and keep on improving the process to provide the best experience to our users.

Benefits of Working with Plutus Health

  • Reduced Turnaround Time: We use automation to process all your manual tasks.
  • Minimal Denial: Our technology works with 100% accuracy to file precise claims.
  • Appropriate Entry: We enter all the minute details with utmost care.

Attention to detail is essential for an error-free charge entry. and robust communication needs to be established between medical coding and charge entry teams. The claim submitted gets approved only if the data entered is correct. Plutus Health Inc. makes sure that you get the best services possible with minimum turnaround time.

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