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Patients often delay the medical bill payment if they don’t understand their statement. It generally happens because of the complex structure of statements, and the patients claim a lack of transparency and deny or delay the payments. The medical billing staff usually tries to explain the statement to the patients, but the terminology and jargon used are tricky to understand, resulting in disappointment to both ends.

Plutus Health Inc. generates quick, easy, and accurate patient statements using automated patient billing software so that there is no delay or denial in payment caused by them. These statements have legibility and transparency to speed up the payment process.

Overview of Plutus Health Patient Statement Service

Generation of Statement

Plutus Health Inc. leverages automation-enabled RCM services to coordinate with the practice to generate straightforward statements. We put only the relevant and understandable data so that patients do not have any confusion or difficulty while paying the bills. We arrange the following datain the patient statement to make it detailed yet simple.

  • Due Amount
  • Amount Paid by Insurance Companies
  • Date of Payment
  • Contact information

Mailing of Statement

Once the patient statement gets generated, it is sent to them automatically through email or SMS. Patients can directly choose to pay online through a secured payment gateway link provided along with the statement.

Plutus Health Features:

Patient Friendly Statements

We work with the providers to create patient statements that are easily understandable.

Doubt Solving

If the patient has any doubts or questions regarding the payment, our team is always available to solve them.

Patient Portal

We enable automated payment posting using our payment portal for providers to collect the amount online via credit card or other modes of payment.

Benefits of Plutus Health Inc. Patient Statement

  • Timely generation and delivery of patient statements
  • Improved payment collection
  • Detailed and quality statements
  • Quick turnover
  • Improved user experience and patient satisfaction

Plutus Health Inc. is a Tech-enabled RCM service provider capable of generating accurate statements and collecting timely revenue from patients.

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