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Inpatient Medical Coding Services

by Plutus Health

Inpatient Medical Coding Services

Plutus Health is your ideal partner for medical inpatient coding success.

Medical Coding looks simple. However, some cases need a highly skilled medical coder's supervision as there can be complexities due to certain perplexities. Whatever are the healthcare services you provide, it requires the highest standard of practice as mistakes can be costly.

Plutus Health Inc. has skilled medical coding experts who strive for perfection. Our highly qualified medical coders take a systematic approach to your inpatient coding needs.

How Plutus Health Does Inpatient Medical

  • Comprehend Patient –  The first step is to go over the complete patient's medical records, particularly the disease conditions present on admission and procedures performed.
  • Flawless Documentation – The material is meticulously documented down to the last detail.
  • Cautious Coding – Finally, the medical professional's annotations are converted into the diagnosis codes by MS DRG (Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Group), APR DRG (All Patients Refined Diagnosis Related Groups), and procedure codes using CPT® codebooks and ICD 10 PCS, especially for the IP accounts.

What makes Plutus Health different?

At Plutus Health, we understand the importance of medical coders in the healthcare sector. We know that an experienced medical coder needs to refer back to previous experiences to improve the outcome significantly. Our team also has expertise in using the coding applications like 3M, which most inpatient hospital clients use.

  • Adapt Medical Coders – Our recruitment processes ensure that only the top vetted coders work on it. They have been thoroughly examined and proven beyond doubt that they are qualified for the task. Our medical coders are also certified by regulatory bodies such as AHIMA, CPC, AAPC, and a host of others.
  • Preserve Records – The inpatient medical coding system is used to document a patient's diagnosis and services throughout his lengthy stay. It is pertinent to keep records of a patient on an extended stay. This helps to backreference in the case of future diagnosis.

Our Inpatient Medical Coding services are available should you require the services of an inpatient medical coder. We would be more than glad to have you employ our services. Why don't you get in touch, and let's get down to the details of the project now?


1. Are your services reported separately or together with the same encounter?

Any procedures conducted with a particular procedure code over the same encounter will be recorded separately. Any diagnostic tests that are conducted or interpreted independently and paid separately, for instance, will not be included in evaluating the amount of time spent identifying the accurate assessment and management CPT codes.

2. Do you look into CPT and ICD code claim denials?

Yes, we evaluate denials, amend them, and resubmit claims with the necessary CPT, ICD, POS, modifier, and other adjustments, all while remaining compliant.

3. How many coding specialties does Plutus Health cover?

Plutus Health employs 10-CM diagnostic codes; however, the operational Coding system is ICD-10-PCS.

We cover most disciplines (Pain Management, Internal Medicine, DME, Orthopaedics, Hospital coding ( Ancillary, ED), Spravato, Behavioral Health, OBGNY, etc.)

4. When it comes to Coding, what time does it take to complete a task?

When the practitioner signs the medical records, we usually code the charts within 24 hours.

Are you looking to outsource your medical coding services? Plutus Health is your go-to medical coding service provider, and we dare say we are the best at it.