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Outsourced Medical Coding Services

Coding for all medical specialties including all Ambulatory, Acute, post-Acute and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) is comprised of a very complicated set of rules and guidelines that are everchanging.   Our American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) certified coders combined with our Remote Processing Automation (RPS’s) provides our clients with the assurance that their coding is compliant and provides the most reimbursements available based on the services provided and the governing guidelines.

We know what rules need to be followed to correctly code and modifiers are required for facility and/or for office procedures no matter what specialty, state and/or payer.  Anesthesia and DME services are also governed by a very complex set of guidelines that require coding and billing expertise by payer, by state and by region to maximize your returns and to remain compliant.  At Plutus Health, we deliver the expertise, experience, and oversight that today’s complex coding and billing requirements demand!

Plutus Health Coding team strengths:

  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence - AI
  • Automation with Remote Processing Automation - RPA
  • AAPC Certified Coders – Our coders are certified and monitored closely to ensure 98% accuracy and compliance
  • We perform internal and external audits
  • Coding levels monitored and constantly evaluated to provide clinical documentation improvement opportunities via our coding consultation and detailed reports to support our coding and clinical documentation finding
  • Analytics are continually provided and KPI’s are monitored every minute of each day via our Olympus Work Force Management and KPI analytic engine

Give your board, investors, team, business owners and yourself peace of mind by leveraging Plutus Health to ensure that your coding, clinical documentation, modifiers, insurance-based modifiers, and sequela codes are being used in a compliant way no matter what the complex guidelines are calling for.  We have your back and will be glad to take this very challenging task on for your benefit!

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