Medical Coding Companies

Medical coding demands high accuracy. Slight coding errors can delay payments, lead to claim rejection, and negatively affect your revenue cycle management.

Plutus Health Inc. understands healthcare practices and provides the best medical coding services. We have a team of 800+ professionals with immense experience providing tech-enabled RCM services.

Unlike traditional medical coding companies, we first analyze the patient documentation before using codes and modifiers. We understand the regulations and compliance of the medical industry. Our certified medical coders ensure a first pass claim submission.

We know the stress of medical coding and documentation. Thus, our team offers medical coding services that can thoroughly remove your stress and burden.

Outsource Medical Coding Services to Achieve Your Coding Goals

Medical coding is daunting. The medical compliance guidelines change continuously, and so do the medical codes. Many modifiers and codes change with a slight modification of treatment or procedure.All minor details need to be analyzed and addressed while coding. Our team understands all aspects of medical coding and RCM services.

Error-Free Medical Coding

Plutus Health is a HIPPA Compliant organization with a team of certified coders. Our professionals deliver premium quality medical coding aligned to your business and industry standards.

End-to-End Solution

As medical coding services are part of our end-to-end RCM solutions, we first verify the codes entered by you or review the medical records to provide the correct coding required to be compliant and accurately reflect the services delivered. Expert coders in our team are responsible for ensuring the correct ICD and CPT codes will be used on the claims. As a final quality control, the codes finally get checked and approved by the quality assurance team.

Highly Scalable

Our automation-enabled RCM services will help you scale your business without adding IT infrastructure. We assign a team of trained professionals to provide the services according to the project's requirements. We also offer short-term coding solutions to catch you up with a backlog of medical services that require coding services and/or to augment your internal staffing shortages.

Complete Security

Plutus Health Inc. is SOC-2 certified and uses cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and RPA to provide high-end interoperability and security to your documentation, personal information, and money. We save the data in a secured cloud network. This data can be accessed anytime and anywhere by authorized people.

Professional Advantage

We reduce the chances of denials by strictly evaluating your documents and applying the accurate codes accordingly. You can stand out in the service industry by leveraging the skills and tech-enabled Plutus Health Inc. solutions of our certified medical coders and RCM service experts.

Rapid, Simple, Effective, and Accurate Medical Coding Services

Take your healthcare business to new heights with Plutus Health Inc., one of the best medical coding companies. We streamline your process and submit flawless claims to get quick reimbursement. We give the following benefits to you.

  • Precise medical coding aligned with changing compliance in the healthcare environment.
  • Appropriate ICD, CPT, HCPCS codes and modifiers to increase accuracy and reduce denials.
  • Customized medical coding and RCM services according to your requirements.
  • Top-notch technology and support delivered to handle your patient volume
  • Eliminate the regulatory risk and focus on maximizing your revenue.

Out of the many medical coding companies, choose the one that can assist you at any time, provide security, keeps your information safe, cover all aspects of the RCM process, ensure compliance, standardize your organization’s coding, and allow you to focus on delivering premium healthcare to the patients.

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