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Plutus Health is exhibiting at GSASC/SCASCA Joint Semi-Annual Conference & Trade Show 2023

February 6, 2023

4835 LBJ Freeway, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75244

Plutus Health is exhibiting at GSASC/SCASCA 2023 joint semi-annual conference & trade show.

GSASC/SCASCA 2023 is one of its kind semi-annual conference for ASCs across South Carolina and Georgia. At this conference and trade show, attendees connect with industry leaders to gain knowledge from them.

“Exhibiting at GSASC/SCASCA 2023 is an honor for us,” said Thomas John, CEO of Plutus Health Inc. “Plutus Health has always been the preferred RCM service provider for most of the ASCs in the US. We aid ASCs to grow their business and collect reimbursement closest to 100%.”

ASCs lose a massive chunk of their income due to denials. Even their A/R buckets keep rising due to errors in their RCM process. ASCS needs a robust medical coding and billing team to streamline its revenue. Plutus Health conducts an RCM assessment for ASCs to analyze the functioning of their revenue process and help them combat losses.

At GSASC/SCASCA 2023 joint semi-annual conference & trade show, attendees can connect with industry leaders and gain knowledge from them. The conference is a balance of learning and networking opportunities. ASCs gain solutions to all their problems and get assistance from industry leaders.

“Plutus Health provides tech-enabled RCM solutions to ASCs in the US. Our professionals are always ready to offer end-to-end assistance to the ASCs looking to streamline their revenue,” said Thomas.

Plutus Health has been providing ASC billing and coding services for 15+ years. Plutus Health uses RPA-based RCM solutions to reduce errors and increase productivity. ASC billing and coding comprises repetitive erroneous tasks that lead to heavy losses. Professional RCM experts from the Plutus Health team help to increase coding quality and productivity. ASCs have reduced claim denials below 5% with the guidance of Plutus Health’s experts.

“We do a coding audit and denial trend analysis for ASCs to help them track common causes of denials. ASCs can also check their coding performance with ASC coding audit services,” added Thomas.

GSASC/SCASCA 2023 is an event for all the attendees to gather and network with individuals that impact the industry. ASCs can streamline their cash flow and learn ways to grow their practice at this conference. Click here to learn more about the semi-annual conference.

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