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ABAI 2022 Annual Convention

by Plutus Health

ABAI 2022 Annual Convention

May 28
Boston, MA

ABAI 2022 is an annual convention held in Boston, Massachusetts. This convention allows top ABA practices and RCM providers to assemble at one place and connect to discuss their problems. ABA practices get acquainted with the latest industry trends and technologies that can help them grow their business and serve the patients better. They can benefit from this event by connecting to their fellow ABA providers and discussing the challenges they face in the industry.  

ABAI 2022 is the 48th convention, and like every year, its focus is to provide attendees with information and guidance on science, philosophy, teaching, and application of behavior analysis. Attendees of the event can interact with industry specialists, service providers, sponsors, and authorities. ABA billing and RCM service providers can meet their competitors, learn about the latest compliance, and collect information about the healthcare providers’ needs. Attendees can also understand which services best suit their requirements. They can get answers to all the doubts and problems from the industry experts. ABAI 2022 is a special event as all attendees have a deep-rooted knowledge of the industry and can aid each other in scaling the business. The conference is essential for the attendees as they can get a new path for their business growth and understand the facts they were not acquainted with. Join Plutus Health Inc at the ABAI 2022 Annual Convention to understand which services best suit Your requirements. Then See you in Boston, MA, on 28 May 2022