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ASCA 2023 Winter Seminar

by Plutus Health

ASCA 2023 Winter Seminar

ASCA 2023 Winter Seminar

Jan 12
Las Vegas

Plutus Health Inc. is excited to announce its participation in ASCA 2023 Annual Conference.

ASCA 2023 is one of the most significant annual ASC seminars held in Las Vegas, NV. ASCA is an extensive opportunity for ASCs to gain knowledge on the latest technology, trends, and RCM solutions. Attendees at this seminar are industry experts who have an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and have been serving businesses for years for the growth of the industry and themselves. ASCs can connect with RCM experts, fellow competitors, and industry professionals.

ASCA 2023 winter seminar is an opportunity for attendees to build connections and gain knowledge, the two essential blocks for growing business. ASCs can seek help from RCM experts to create a checklist that could help crack success goals quickly. Attendees can discuss the constantly changing regulatory guidelines and learn how to comply with them. ASCA 2023  focuses on providing solutions to ASCs on the common pain points related to staffing, coding, and billing. Topics of discussion at ASCA 2023 include but are not limited to legal review and federal regulations, drivers of physicians, staff, and patient satisfaction, 2023 updates and CPT changes, coding tips, and much more.