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Becker’s ASC Annual Conference 2022

by Plutus Health

Becker's ASC 2022 Annual Conference

Becker’s ASC Annual Conference 2022

Oct 27
Chicago, IL

Plutus Health Inc. is excited to announce its participation in Becker's ASC 2022 Annual Conference.

Becker's ASC 2022 is the 28th annual meeting organized in Chicago to support the operations and business of ASCs. Becker's ASC offers opportunities to all the budding and established ASCs to learn about innovation and potential growth strategies. The healthcare industry is demanding value-based services and care. ASCs can connect with renowned healthcare RCM service providers to make maximum use of the endless opportunities in the market.

Becker's ASC gives attendees opportunities to have engaging debates and discussions on critical futuristic topics, which would help them create a recognizable position in the market. The attendees of the conference include 90+ CFOs and administrators. 50+ surgery speakers and 60+ sessions. ASCs can get relevant information and action items for the coming 12 months, which they can leverage to follow the trends and stay in the market. Becker's ASC is the most refined business-focused discussion platform in the ASC industry. It helps attendees get answers to all questions and solutions to the hurdles stopping their business's growth.