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BHB VALUE Conference 2023

by Plutus Health

BHB VALUE Conference 2023 | Plutus Health

BHB VALUE Conference 2023

Mar 16
Washington, D.C.

Plutus Health is excited to announce its participation in the BHB VALUE Conference 2023. 

BHB VALUE Conference 2023 is organized by BHB (Behavioral Health Business) in Washington, D.C. The conference aids behavioral health providers to grow and focus completely on their patient care. BHB VALUE Conference offers all the budding and established behavioral health practice opportunities to learn innovative ways to streamline their RCM and connect with the experts. These RCM experts provide enhanced behavioral health billing and collections services to help practices meet their growth goals. Attendees connect with thought leaders and industry executives to learn from them.

At BHB VALUE Conference 2023, attendees network with experts to discuss anything and everything about behavioral health RCM services. Attendees learn about RCM trends and modern technologies impacting the behavioral health industry. Technologies like RPA, ML, AI, and cloud help behavioral health providers eliminate mundane erroneous RCM tasks, reduce time spent on operational tasks, and increase efficiency. BHB VALUE conference offers a platform for healthy discussion on modern RCM practices, new guidelines by the state & payers, common mistakes that block growth, strategies that have helped others excel, and much more. Experts from the industry will have an interactive session on keys to accelerate value-based care, how to measure value in behavioral health, how digital health is changing, and much more. Click here to learn more about the BHB VALUE Conference 2023.