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August 3, 2022

Creating An Efficient ABA Practice With Artemis

Balaji Ramani has more than 20+ years of experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. Balaji has expertise in building, training, mentoring, and managing end-to-end healthcare RCM teams. He has experience using the Web for information sourcing, research & analyses to enable ‘patient and payer satisfaction’ in the healthcare space.

ABA Providers Recover Dues From Patients To Efficient Your Account Receivables


1.    What is ABA Practice Management Software?

2.    Common Problems of ABA Practice Management Software?

  • Simplicity of Software
  • Client Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Authorizations
  • Reports
  • Claims Processing

3.    What is ARTEMIS?

4.    How ARTEMIS Helps?

  • Simplified Integration
  • Quick Registration
  • Intelligent Scheduling
  • Seamless Session(s) Tracking
  • Error-free Billing and Claims Processing
  • Integrated Automation – Clearing House, Payment Posting, AR Follow up
  • Built-in Denial Management
  • Convenient Client Payment Portal and e-Statements    

What is ABA Practice Management Software?

Digitization of the Applied Behavior Analysis practices with practice management software has made significant progress. Automated software systems have streamlined time-consuming manual processes involved in managing a successful ABA practice or setting up a new one.

Behavior Analysts work with a lot of data that has transformed from the pen-and-paper format to digital graphs and reports over the years. With the advent of affordable computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, various companies have designed software that has transformed how an ABA practice records, stores, analyzes, and utilizes data.

After using technology for data collection, the next step was software to digitize processes like client and staff performance, record keeping, billing, and financial management. Thus, an ideal Practice Management software is the one that allows the ABA therapist the time to focus on the more important aspect of therapy rather than the hassles of day-to-day management.

ABA Practice Management Software has numerous advantages such as:

  • Cost-savings by drastically reducing staff and space.
  • Time saving by providing access to data easily and quickly.
  • Remote access to records is easily possible.
  • Audits have become easier and faster.
  • Tele-ABA therapy has become simplified because of the integration of ABA Practice Management software with telecommunication technology.
  • Sharing data with other Providers to coordinate care has become easier.

This digital management model is now the most preferred way to manage a practice irrespective of its size or performance.

Common Problems of ABA Practice Management Software

Although widely accepted, ABA practitioners face numerous issues while working with different Practice Management software. Let us look at some of the most common complaints that an ABA practice can face while dealing with Practice Management software.

1.     Complex Software – Technology has penetrated our lives beyond our imagination and likewise software has made life easier for therapists in ABA practice management. However, the downside to technology is often the complex programs that may require intensive training of staff. This makes it a time-consuming activity. Lack of simplicity can deter staff from using the software to its full potential.

2.     Client Onboarding – The most crucial part of an ABA practice is how quickly clients can join and get therapy for the better. The process of client registration can be cumbersome or frustrating. The Practice Management software should be able to streamline the onboarding process once clients approach the practice. Some software does not recognize various demographics and ABA specific fields, making it difficult to get these details later.

3.     Scheduling – More often than not, the ABA practice might struggle with scheduling. A comprehensive view of available clients, their schedules, and appointing the right therapists is of prime importance. A disruption in services can adversely affect client outcomes. Hence, timely communication becomes a pivoting point in the management of your successful ABA practice.

4.    Prior-Authorizations - While prior-authorizations may have been added to the Practice Management software, tracking them efficiently through the entire process becomes a task that eats into your valuable time. An expired prior authorization can be an obstacle to continuing a fruitful line of therapy. Tracking prior-authorizations' procurement and expiration is an uphill task while working with software that does not provide a tracking system for these prior-authorizations.

5.     Reports – While routine reports can help in day-to-day functioning, an ABA organization will require detailed financial reports and Key Performance Indicator reports. These reports are necessary for the practice's overall financial health.  

6.     Claims Processing – Simple claims transmission is standard. Many practices struggle with a partly digitized system that does not offer automation for tracking underpayments, managing denials, and reducing rejections.

7.    Financial Management – The challenge faced with your existing Practice Management software is probably incomplete financial management. While the most common processes are automated, simplicity and integration - from scheduling to payment deposits, are what is most needed.

What is Artemis?

Artemis is an unique Practice Management and Billing software developed by Plutus Health. Artemis was designed to reduce the complexity around patient intake and scheduling, manual data entry and simplifying billing and collections. The goal is to provide transparent visibility for customers into their operations and financials.

Artemis uses the latest in AI and automation to make it a comprehensive Practice Management software. HIPPA-compliant Artemis is developed using the latest Einstein CRM AI on the robust and reliable Salesforce platform.

How Can Artemis Help Your ABA Practice?

1.    Simplified Integration – Artemis is a simple interface that requires minimal training. It has a simple flow that guides users step-by-step through the entire process from scheduling, session(s) tracking, billing, payments, and payroll.

2.    Quick Registration – Client onboarding becomes a smooth process. Collecting detailed client information at the beginning leads to error-free billing and claims processing. Also, crucial tasks like procuring prior authorizations become easier with built-in tracking systems. Artemis includes ABA specific nuances such as:

  • Name and credentials of Providers.
  • Name and credentials of Supervisors.
  • Diagnosis code(s) and Referring Provider information.
  • Codes for service(s) performed (must match codes submitted)
  • Session times - start and end.
  • Programs used during session(s).
  • Narrative overview program.
  • Progress-to-date.
  • The date for the next session(s) with plan of treatment(s).
  • Signature and credentials of the Provider.

3.    Intelligent Scheduling – Artemis allows one to schedule and plan appointments effectively by providing a 360-degree view of availability, qualification, and preference. Intelligent scheduling ensures the therapy is not disrupted at any stage.

4.    Seamless Session(s)Tracking – Convenient session(s) tracking helps easy conversion from sessions to billing, appointments to timesheets, and tracking therapists' hours for payroll.

5.     Error-free Billing and Claims Processing – Artemis makes sure that claims are paid correctly the first time. Bill with confidence as the intelligent Artemis tracks codes and fee schedule by payor and validates for ABA rules and guidelines.

6.    Integrated Automation – The Artemis Practice Management software is built using one of the smartest AI in Customer Relationship Management. Clearinghouse using integrated EDI interfaces ensure quick turnaround of claims. The system automates payment postings and even follows up on pending AR.

7.   Built-in Denial Management – Denied Claims are easily monitored with Artemis. A reliable Denial Management process is integrated to track claims and fix denials.

8.    Convenient Client Payment Portal and e-Statements – Artemis also provides a simple and friendly client portal for payments. The system creates simplified client e-statements, text and IVR call reminders, and follow-ups for a client’s outstanding balances.

In Summary:

Give your ABA practice a new life with ARTEMIS. This cost and time-saving Practice Management software simplifies day-to-day management issues allowing you to spend your valuable time doing critical tasks of client care

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Balaji Ramani

Balaji Ramani has more than 20+ years of experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. Balaji has expertise in building, training, mentoring, and managing end-to-end healthcare RCM teams. He has experience using the Web for information sourcing, research & analyses to enable ‘patient and payer satisfaction’ in the healthcare space.