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by Plutus Health

November 2, 2021

Process and Benefits of Orthopedic Medical Billing

by Plutus Health

The success of orthopedic billing depends on correct documentation before, during, and after a patient’s appointment and correctly determining optimum charges for all the services provided. Any errors in orthopedic medical billing can result in rejected claims. Given the complexity of the process, it’s best to outsource it to a revenue cycle management and medical billing company that offers orthopedic billing services.

How they work

End-to-end revenue cycle management services will cover a wide range of activities in your practice. They can cover insurance eligibility, prior authorizations, payer contract management, medical billing, and medical coding. They can also handle clean claims, charge entry, AR clean-up, AR and denial management, automated patient statements, and payment posting.

Support your staff and minimize the administrative burden

If your team is overworked because of an outdated or manual billing process, it’s time to consider outsourcing orthopedic medical billing. With help from experts, you can improve your revenue cycle management process and keep it accurate and efficient to ensure better results for every submitted claim.

Denial management

Medical billing experts are well-versed in denial management. They will take action as soon as they’re alerted of a rejected or denied claim. Then, they will do their best to rework the claim and study the reason for denial so that it won’t happen again. They will work closely with you to create and implement improved processes to prevent rejections down the line.

Rework your claims

Accumulating AR is a cause for concern. AR experts do Orthopedic medical billing seamlessly. They will rework the claims, so you can collect compensation on a timely basis and get paid sooner for your specialized services.

Isn’t it about time you support your orthopedic practice’s revenue cycle management? If you agree, reach out to a team of orthopedic medical billing experts. They’re ready to help reduce denials and improve your collections.