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Get Plutus Health's best orthopedic medical billing services. Our Global Billing Expert Team is ready to help you boost your collections and reduce denials.

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Get Plutus Health's best orthopedic medical billing services. Our Global Billing Expert Team is ready to help you boost your collections and reduce denials.

Reduce Your Administrative Burden & Support Your Staff

Whether you recently lost a vital staff member or your current billing process is too much for your office to handle, our global team is ready to help. We work hard to ensure that your RCM process is accurate and efficient to bring in better results for your submitted claims. 

Collect Your Aging AR 

Nothing is scarier than watching your “AR Bucket” fill up and overflow. Allow our AR experts to rework your claims so that you collect the compensation you deserve for your specialized services. 


We’re The Experts In Denial Management 

As your dedicated team of denial management experts, we’ll jump into action the moment we’re alerted to a denied or rejected claim. After reworking the claim successfully, we study the claim to learn the reason for denial. Processes are then put in place to prevent future rejections due to the discovered issue.

End-To-End RCM Services We Offer Providers:
  • Payer Contract Management 
  • Prior Authorizations 
  • Insurance Eligibility 
  • Medical Billing 
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry 
  • Clean Claims 
  • AR Management 
  • Denial Management 
  • AR Clean Up 
  • Payment Posting
  • Automated Patient Statements

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