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by Plutus Health

Case studies
September 19, 2023

Coding errors for mid-sized physician group reached <1%

by Plutus Health
Coding Quality of Nephrology Practice Reached 98%Download PDF

The Client:

Mid-sized physician group based in the US

The Challenges:

  • High coding denials
  • Degrading coding quality
  • Significant problems with coding
  • High compliance audit risk

Plutus Health Plan:

Plutus Health’s certified coding experts implemented their plan by first identifying the coding issues along with the root causes.

Issues Detected

  • Centralized coding team with no formal audits to check compliance risk, accuracy, documentation requirements, and provider education
  • Lack of knowledge in coding updates, potential revenue loss, compliance risk, and cashflow issues due to denials

After detecting the problems, we worked extensively to create a personalized action plan to provide an end-to-end coding solution to the client.

Our certified coders helped the client to fill coding gaps and improve accuracy.

Plutus Health Solutions

  • Plutus Health’s certified coders (AAPC and AHIMA) helped the client increase RVU (Related Value Units) and HCC: RAF Score using payer-specific coding nuances.
  • Plutus Health supported the client on payer pre-payment audits.
  • Our specialist helped the client with compliance issues visibility and improved compliance standards by deploying a full-proof coding compliance plan and conducting timely compliance audits.
  • We helped the client deal with staff shortages and provided quick, efficient, scalable solutions.
  • Our experts offered coding/CDI programs specific to coding specialty and payer guidelines.
  • We performed daily/weekly feedback on coding and documentation improvement opportunities.
  • We provided a weekly performance dashboard to report accuracy, RVU, and error trends.
  • Plutus Health provided physicians coder feedback, education-based error trends, and coding updates.


  • Coding quality for the client improved.
  • Increased coding accuracy for the client.
  • Improved clinical documentation.
  • Eradicated compliance risk.


  • The average coding accuracy for the client constantly improved >95%.
  • Coding denials <1%
  • The coding quality of the client reached >98%

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