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by Plutus Health

Case studies
September 19, 2023

Large Sized Ophthalmology Practice Collected $140K from Old AR within 3 Months

by Plutus Health
Coding Quality of Nephrology Practice Reached 98%Download PDF

The Client:

The client is 49-year-old Ophthalmology Practice in the US

Challenges Faced

  • High appointment cancellations
  • No dedicated patient access team
  • AR buckets were rising
  • Very large and growing 90+ AR
  • Sluggish cashflow

Plutus Health's Plan of Action

  • We assessed the current state of their RCM and measured their current Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which helped to illuminate the problems in the client's RCM processes.
  • Our experts measured current KPIs against our "Best Practices KPIs" to know the gap in performance of each KPI related to RCM.
  • Our AR specialist detected the root causes of the out-of-control AR and provided a solution to minimize it.
  • We worked on all the issues to deliver positive results.

Issues Detected

  • Lack of RCM Leadership expertise and Staffing/FTE allocations were not in line with the workload required by each key RCM team (EV, Auth's, ERA posting, Patient Payment Posting, Billing, Collections, and AR)
  • Front desk was overloaded with too many tasks. They were unable to collect and confirm data, including outstanding high patient balances, before offering services to the patients
  • Client did not have a staff member or process in place to track and manage correspondence received from insurance companies
  • There were appointment scheduling problems and patient demographic errors
  • Client faced long delays in posting both insurance and patient payments
  • There was a long charge lag which led to revenue loss
  • Client had missing encounters that affected their overall RCM process

Plutus Health Solution

  • We recommended new team alignment with FTE allocations
  • We standardized the SOPs for each key RCM function
  • We recommended measurement tools and management processes
  • We identified critical KPIs to watch for and measure with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting
  • We measured the performance of each KPI related to RCM


  • RCM performance, Revenue losses, and AR results started coming in around the 45-to-60-day mark
  • Patient and employee satisfaction increased
  • Correspondence was being tracked and managed 
  • Reduced timely filling limit write off
  • The posting got stabilized, and the turnaround time reached 48 hours 
  • AR got worked on priority


  • Brought down average AR days below 50
  • Collected $140K from old AR in 3 months
  • Successfully completed the RCM consultancy project
  • There have been a lot of improvements across all RCM functions

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