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Vein and Vascular Billing Services

Get more money in less time with tech-enabled vein & vascular RCM services

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Plutus Health Is A One-stop Personalized solution For All ASC Billing, Coding, And RCM Needs


AAPC certified ASC coders

Denial and AR Management Services

Specialized denial and A/R management services

One Click support

One-click support 24/7* 365 days

Stop compromising your ASC’s revenue performance. Speak to our ASC medical billing and coding specialist today.

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Don’t settle for less partner with the best vein & vascular medical billing service providers

Plutus Health simplifies the complexity of vein & vascular billing with its exceptional technical support and experienced medical billers. We design an end-to-end billing process tailored-fit to your practice. Our RCM professionals provide all the guidance and support to excel in the highly complex and competitive market.

Prior authorization

Vein and vascular involve procedures that are expensive and need prior permission from payers. We take prior authorization for the practice to ensure they get paid on time

Careful documentation

Documentation in vein and vascular billing is complex due to the presence of both treatment and diagnosis services. We review all the payer guidelines and understand their requirements to submit the precise documents demanded.

Comprehensive coding services

Plutus Health has a team of certified coders who completely understand vein and vascular codes, modifiers, and compliance. We code appropriately to get all the money you deserve. We are well versed with all the coding updates and follow all the coding guidelines to ensure the highest FPAR.

Denial and AR management

Plutus Health’s team offers specialized services to ensure that there are no ARs in your bucket and extensively works on claims to collect the money you deserve. We work on rejected claims and analyze the denial trends to get insights into common reasons for denials. Our AR and denial management team is renowned for getting maximum reimbursements.

Boost your net collection with AI-enabled vein and vascular billing services

Plutus Health’s experts handle all your back-office activities professionally. We have high-tech procedures and software so that all your time should be dedicated to patients and not office work. We do patient verification and eligibility check to make the complete billing process friction-less

Manage all your complicated revenue cycle processes

Team of certified and trained coders with dedicated careers in medical coding

Appropriate claim submission to get full reimbursement as soon as possible

HIPPA-compliant vein and vascular coding and billing services

Handle all the changes and updates in the RCM processes

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Reasons to outsource vein and vascular billing and coding to Plutus Health

Precision is essential in the critical area of medical billing and coding when you want full reimbursement for the submitted claims. Plutus Health has delivered exceptional results for vein and vascular service providers in the past and is always committed to bringing revenue to your practice. You don’t need to worry about staff training or vacations, as we have a huge team of professionals who are always available to serve you. Our vein and vascular RCM experts keep striving for your success, as the only thing that matters to us is your growth.

  • Review all the claims and send them within 24 hours
  • Promptly enter all the missing information after discussing it with the team
  • Leverage the expertise and experience we have earned while serving 800+ providers
  • Complete transparency to keep you informed and updated on all the processes we take

Come out of the vacuum and enjoy uninterrupted cashflow for your vein and vascular practice

  • Continuous measurement of KPIs
  • Increase in your ROI
  • Regular training and education for your staff
  • Increase in patient satisfaction and retention
  • Dedicated A/R calling and follow-up team
  • Easy integration with all EHR systems
  • 20+ years of experience in vein & vascular medical coding and billing
PH Answers to Your Questions

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Outsource Vein and Vascular billing Services to Plutus Health

Plutus Health’s vein and vascular billing & coding services for physicians are known for providing results

Turn around time

Vein & vascular providers have seen the average turnaround time drop to 48 hours


Clean claim percentage

The clean claim percentage of the vein and vascular practice has significantly increased by 95%


Patient collection

Automatic payment collections rose by 35%


Contracted value collection

The average (NCPR) collections have reached whopping 98% reimbursement


Denial rates

Brought average denial rates for vein and vascular providers below 5%


A/R days

A/R (Accounts Receivable) days for all vein and vascular practices working with Plutus Health reduced to 25 days

25 Days

Our happy clients

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