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by Plutus Health

Case studies
February 13, 2023

Urgent care increases collections percentage from 80% to 95% in just 6 months

by Plutus Health
Coding Quality of Nephrology Practice Reached 98%Download PDF

The Client:

An urgent care clinic based in Dallas, TX.

The Challenge:

With a small billing department, the urgent care clinic couldn’t keep up with the time-consuming tasks and processes in their revenue cycle management. Our client decided they needed to outsource their entire RCM tasks in order to reverse dwindling cash flow and high days in AR.  In regard to outsourcing their RCM tasks, the client was worried that they’d be hit with high upfront costs, unnecessary setup fees, and excessive costs to maintain service. Fortunately, we shared a cost-effective plan that dispelled their financial anxiety. 

The Plutus Plan:

We knew we were the perfect fit for this client because we never charge upfront or setup fees, and we pride ourselves on our ability to improve cash flow quickly and efficiently. After conducting a free audit on the urgent care’s current process and results, we created an action plan that included our robotic processing automation service for fast, accurate posting. Our billing experts and AR team worked together to create a quality assessment document that shared best practices, the most common reason for denials, and tactics for reworking claims.

The Results:

• Days in AR reduced from 72 days to 33 days in just 6 months

• Collection percentage (NCPR) increased from 80% to 95% in just 6 months

• Improved operating efficiency and cash flow

After outsourcing their RCM tasks to Plutus Health for just one month, our client was sold on our end-to-end services as their solution. We now operate full-service medical billing tasks for this client, and we ensure that they continuously enjoy improved revenue while they focus on offering great patient care.

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