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November 24, 2021

Four Solutions to Maximize Learner Engagement and Reimbursements for ABAs

Balaji Ramani has more than 22 years of experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. Balaji has expertise in building, training, mentoring, and managing end-to-end healthcare RCM teams. He has experience using the Web for information sourcing, research & analyses to enable ‘patient and payer satisfaction’ in the healthcare space.

ABA Providers Recover Dues From Patients To Efficient Your Account Receivables

The global pandemic completely uprooted the health industry, forcing many businesses to revamp the way they provide care. Like many in the health industry, Applied Behaviour Analysis(ABA) therapists moved to an online approach, making telehealth ABA their primary way to see autistic children. Unfortunately, many of the most effective techniques therapists typically use are unavailable in the digital space.

As such, practitioners must learn how to adapt to an increasingly telehealth-focused world. It’s essential to have your processes and procedures on the backend flowing seamlessly so that you can focus on maximizing learner engagement for the best possible outcome. Doing so will increase your clients' responsiveness and boost income flow.

Here are four solutions to improve learner engagement and maximize ABA revenue cycle management.


Use ABA Training for Parents

Most ABA therapy focuses on young learners. Therefore, it has always been crucial to involve a child's parents to assist with learning. Sometimes parents were unavailable or avoid partnering with a therapist. However, there were methods the therapist could use to circumvent a parent's help. 

With telehealth treatment, any of these methods are unavailable. Here are 3 ways to keep parents involved:

- Record behavior on video

Autistic behaviours can be complex, and the patterns they produce often make it difficult for observers to remember details. Thankfully, modern technology lets parents record their child exhibiting odd practices, then send that footage to the therapist. This footage helps the therapist prepare for a session and bring the tools and knowledge needed for the best outcomes. 

- Reinforce consistency

Autism is the most common developmental disorder treated with ABA. Autistic children typically require ahigh level of consistency. Parents should schedule sessions at regular times, preferably when a child is well-rested and energized. Breaks in a schedule will upset a patient and make them less engaged in the therapy.

- Encourage involvement

Even the most competent ABA therapist can't significantly improve a child without parental involvement. Parents must take the activities and habits the therapist prescribes and apply them consistently.


Reduce Healthcare Worker Burnout

Learner engagement will only be as good as the ABA therapist personnel that cares for them. In a 2021survey, 551 healthcare executives cited provider burnout as the most concerning element that could disrupt workflow. 

To ensure your therapists and staff are efficient, create consistent training programs. These programs double as a way to assess your employees. Also, a large amount of healthcare burnout comes from administrative duties. Consider outsourcing your billing and collection services so your office workers can spend less time examining session records and more time with learners.


Reinforce During Down Time

Remember, you, your learner, and their parents are partners. Avoid seeming like the only time you care about them is during the ten hours a week you visit online. Send texts to remind parents of appointments and ABA procedures. And ask how the child is progressing. 

Often, your area will have supplementary activities that bring people with learning disabilities together. Hobbies like Pilates, meditation, and support groups can all reduce stress or promote social interaction. Whether professionally or casually run, these programs may significantly improve a child's performance. Checking on your clients' well-being outside of scheduled hours is fantastic at creating a reassuring, trusted presence.


Organize your Administration

High-data standards require healthcare workers to record more information than ever before. As such, administration can be time-consuming, taking valuable time from your practice and ABA therapists can find it challenging to spend adequate time with learners. But, alack of quality care for learners will alienate them, ultimately negatively affecting your cash flow.

Fortunately, there are vital steps ABA providers can take toward alleviating workers' burdens. 

1. Improve technology

Modern equipment can do many tasks quicker and with fewer mistakes than the best healthcare professional. These tasks range from creating workflows to providing inter-clinic transfers of patient information, ultimately helping the therapist focus on the needs of the learner.

2. Consider hiring a billing and coding agency

These companies are fantastic at minimizing administrative burden and maximizing your profit returns. While some cases will always end in a charity write-off, experienced billing agencies can quickly identify ways of compensation previously ignored. Specialized ABA billing companies allow you to focus on the care of your learners while they take care of your time-consuming billing tasks — ultimately increasing your reimbursements.


Plutus Health works with you to streamline ABA billing. If you are struggling with billing, collection, and management, our expert team takes care to get the fastest reimbursement possible and increase your practice's performance.


Key Takeaways

1. Engage with parents to create more structure and consistent reinforcement. 

2. Contact patients off-hours to offer services and appointment reminders.

3. Focus on boosting your staff's performance and protecting against burnout. 

4. Streamline your administrative processes by introducing technology and hiring an ABA billing agency. 

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Balaji Ramani

Balaji Ramani has more than 22 years of experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. Balaji has expertise in building, training, mentoring, and managing end-to-end healthcare RCM teams. He has experience using the Web for information sourcing, research & analyses to enable ‘patient and payer satisfaction’ in the healthcare space.